Products by skaters for skaters

Charles & Beata Olympians Penguin Specialty Products was founded in 1997 upon the creation and development of its first product, Sk8tape®. The company’s founders and owners, figure skaters Charles Sinek and Beata Handra, developed Sk8tape® to not only protect their skating boots during rigorous competitive training but also to give their skates an impeccable gleam in competition. So what began as a personal endeavor to save a boot worn down from countless lunges quickly evolved into a multi-functional product that inconspicuously protects leather, replaces polish, secures laces, and can be worn in practice and in competition. Within the company’s first year, black and white Sk8tape® rolls were distributed and sold to fellow skaters around the world. Beige Sk8tape® shortly followed, and it continues to be a favorite among synchronized skating teams.

Critter Covers® fur blade covers soon joined Sk8tape® on the Penguin product line. With thick foam padding and durable fabric, these animal-style plush soakers were designed to ensure full, long-lasting protection of skate blades. For its tenth anniversary year, Penguin Specialty Products introduced Zookerz® to the skating world. The name is a fusion of the words “zoo” and “soakers”. Like Critter Covers®, these plush animal soakers provide excellent protection for blades, yet Zookerz® come complete with heads, feet, tails, and a voice box. Yes, these furry soakers talk.

The HAYDENNETTES, U.S. Synchronized Skating Champions & World Medalists, with Sk8tape

In 2011, Rockerz® skate guards hit the market with a big splash of color. These ergonomic skate guards hold two design patents, and a lifetime of skating experience went into the design. Full understanding of what skaters want and don’t want in a skate guard was critical to the success of Rockerz® guards. Skaters love the comfort and safety that Rockerz® guards offer as well as the custom fit and attractive color choices. Manufactured in the United States, Rockerz guards are a top quality product and a green product as well. Domestic manufacturing ensures that every pair of Rockerz® meets the highest quality and eco-friendly standards. Rockerz® are also made with recycled materials and are 100% recyclable.

The early successes of Penguin enabled the company’s owners to pursue their competitive ice dancing career. In 2002, Handra and Sinek earned a spot on the U.S. Olympic Figure Skating Team for the Winter Games in Salt Lake City. Without the continuous support of Penguin’s customers, this Olympic dream would not have been possible.